My name is Mike Cusin, I am the creator of Lake View Dental Laboratory and my passion is creating amazing smiles for my patients . I am originally from Wellington NZ where I completed my studies in Dental Technology and a post graduate of Clinical Dental Technology in Auckland.

I was fortunate enough to begin my career in the field of cosmetic crowns, veneers and implants, while working with one of the countries leading Dental Technicians alongside Dentists and Oral Surgeons specialising in cosmetic dentistry.

I carried these invaluable skills into my own practice, Lake View Dental Laboratory, in 1996 where I decided to specialise in dentures.

Specialising in dentures allows me to be involved with the process right from the start, which means I directly perform all the clinic stages with the patient (impressions, bite measuring, preliminary denture etc) and work with them throughout the entire process to ensure a natural smile is achieved.



Simply put - we want to offer our patients the best of the best!



Over the years, new techniques have evolved for making dentures, however the fundamental materials, processes and laboratory techniques remain similar. 


Digital dentures designed with CAD/CAM software ushers in a new era for dentures with a system and technology never available before. It allows us to offer our patients not only a beautiful natural smile but also precise materials and denture design options that are only available through CAD/CAM technology.


We are excited to add this advanced technology to our laboratory and are proud to be offering this exclusively to our patients.