The way dentures are made has changed forever

Digital dentures are a revolutionary innovation in tooth replacement. LakeView Dental Laboratory is pleased to be offering the most advanced technology worldwide to our denture patients in the Taupo and Rotorua region.

Our philosophy at LakeView Dental Laboratory is that people’s dentures are an enormous part of their lives, and having inadequate fitting and looking dentures can affect the quality of their life. That’s why we now offer digitally produced dentures – to provide our patients with the best of the best!



Partial Dentures - PEEK dentures


Traditional partial dentures have been made from titanium or a chrome cobalt alloy for many years, and these have always been considered the best material. However, there is now a CAD/CAM alternative that is available - PEEK dentures.  

PEEK dentures have many benefits. They are metal-free, more aesthetic, lightweight, and slightly flexible. There are no unsightly metal clips that show when you speak and laugh, and instead, PEEK partials are made from a tooth coloured material which is almost unnoticeable in the mouth.

We design and manufacture our PEEK partials with CAD/CAM, which means they fit precisely and comfortably in the patient’s mouth.

PARTIAL DENTURES - Flexi-partial dentures

The ideal choice for a single tooth replacement. Flexi-partial dentures simply clip to the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth and are extremely thin with minimal coverage over the gum. The resin is a bio-compatible nylon thermoplastic that allows the natural tissue tone to appear through the material. The translucency of the material makes it the ideal option for cases when the patient is missing one or two teeth.

Partial Dentures - Flexi-partial dentures
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LakeView Dental Laboratory’s cosmetic full dentures are made with the worlds most advanced CAD/CAM technology to provide a natural looking and comfortable denture. Each denture is customised to the patient’s specific requirements where we work with the patient and listen to their requests to achieve the perfect denture for each individual.

We make a 3D printed prototype of your designed denture that you can take home to assess cosmetics and gather other opinions before we produce your final denture. This ensures you have 100% input into your dentures appearance.



Do you currently have a traditionally made denture?From the day you have your natural teeth extracted, the bony ridges that support your dentures are in a constant state of resorption and after a period of time, your denture will become loose.

With our CAD/CAM technology, a simple impression inside your old denture can be taken and a new record of your mouth can be obtained. Our laboratory will then remove the fitting surface of your denture and rebuild it to match the new impression records. When the denture is refitted back into your mouth the result is an accurate fit, much like a brand new denture.


If you have broken your denture it can usually be repaired through a process of replacing the damaged area of acrylic with new material. This bonds the denture back together and is generally done within one day.

Denure Relines and Repairs



LakeView Dental Laboratory`s digital dentures involve a CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/manufacture) workflow that puts the laboratory in full control of quality and cosmetics. The digital processes result in superior fit, comfort, and natural appearance.

LakeView Dental Laboratory’s cosmetic digital dentures are truly bespoke, well-fitting appliances that blend in harmony with your mouth and facial features to give you a great looking, natural smile where no one can tell that you are wearing dentures.

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